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Red Monochrome

1000 CE to 1600 CE

The Red Monochrome style has long been considered intrusive into the Lower Pecos Region, appearing as a part of a complex of traits that show no evidence of local development. These pictographs are peopled by static, frontally posed human figures who stand with arms upraised or extended. The Red Monochrome people can be distinguished from generic humans by buns or curious protrusions over their ears, perhaps representing a distinctive hair style. They are often accompanied by naturalistic animals, including deer, dogs, rabbits, mountain lions, turtles, bison, catfish and turkeys. Although some of the male figures hold bows strung with arrows, they are not aiming them at their animal companions. These bows, however, indicate that the Red Monochrome paintings postdate the introduction of these more powerful weapons, sometime after 600 CE. Red Monochrome paintings in the Big Bend region demonstrate the broader extent of this style and confirm the impression of a more mobile population. About the same time, the Bold Line Geometric pictographs appear in the Lower Pecos, probably as an extension of the range of the desert abstract styles of northern Mexico, again confirming the dynamism of this period in Lower Pecos prehistory.

Abstract Forms

41VV326 (193)

Blanket Patterns

41VV224 (000)

Elongated Figures

41VV327 (000)

European Figure

41VV234 (194)

Geometric Design

41VV224 (000)

Geometric Symbols

41VV840 (209)


41VV320 (000)

Lizard Man

41VV18 (109)

Lizard Men

41VV224 (000)

Parida 153

41VV153 (153)

Parida Annex

41VV224 (000)

Red Elk

41VV1130 (59)

Red Monochrome Animals

41VV699 (000)

Red Monochrome Bison

41VV52 (000)

Red Monochrome Canines

41VV89 (176)

Red Monochrome Figure

41VV78 (000)

Red Monochrome Figure

41VV52 (000)

Red Monochrome Pictographs

41VV78 (175)

Shield Dancer

41VV74 (116)


41VV327 (194)

Zigzag Lines

41VV323 (000)


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